New York 811 would like to remind everyone that all facets of the excavating industry, whether an excavator, facility owners, locating companies or one-call notification system, are coping with the effects of the pandemic and everyone’s resources may be affected as a result. Please be aware that this may have an impact on the ability to respond to all 811 Excavation Notification request in a timely manner. 

Please consider this a reminder that you must always follow NYS General Business Law Article 36(GBL) and the NYS Industrial Code Rule 753. CLICK HERE

All excavators are required, pursuant to GBL section 764 and Rule 753-3.3, to confirm all Positive Responses (APRs) before commencing any work. If you haven’t received a Positive Response from a facility owner you cannot blast or use mechanized equipment if you intend to start working and need to contact that facility owner for an update and wait for that facility to be marked or cleared before working. Please follow NYS Law and NYS Code Rule 753 to keep your crews and the public safe.