Introducing Foresite

The first-of-its-kind, FREE ticket feature that provides even more information to highlight locate request tickets that may require special attention. See the video below for a demonstration.

ForeSite is an enhanced communication tool that adds a ForeSite Value, which indicates correlation to historical damage information, to all your tickets. ForeSite conducts an instant review of submitted tickets to provide a raw ForeSite Value. The ForeSite Value serves to highlight tickets that may warrant increased attention. The ForeSite Value is derived by examining various fields on the ticket. The fields were selected from two sources: the Damage Information Reporting Tool (DIRT) and New York 811 historical tickets. A statistical analysis comparison of these two data sources indicates a correlation between damage tickets and values in certain ticket fields.

Note: This correlation is not a direct cause and effect relationship.

ForeSite Raw Value ForeSite examines the following different ticket data entries for each ticket:
• Total number of members notified
• Type of equipment to be used
• Type of work to be performed
• Size of excavation polygon
• Excavation street/Intersecting street
• Time to complete ticket entry
• Ticket Header
• Number of tickets submitted by excavator/homeowner

ForeSite then computes the degree of correlation to the analytical findings and expresses the correlation as a value on a scale from 1 to 100. This is the raw ForeSite Value and it will appear on every ticket. The higher the ForeSite Value, the greater the correlation among the different data entries to the analytical findings.

The graph below shows the percentage of an estimated 110,000 tickets at different “Raw Value” intervals.

The ForeSite system provides even more information when it is fine tuned to meet your specific needs. This is achieved through the calculation of a second refined value specifically for you.

Custom development is required to receive the Refined Value. By partnering with One Call Concepts, your facility information can be set up to use the same analysis and consideration used for generating the raw value. You can customize the formula used when ForeSite calculates a refined value for your tickets. This Refined ForeSite Value will then be reflected on notifications only your personnel would use.

Providing facility data will allow even greater refinement of the Refined ForeSite Value. For example, if your company is also concerned about
critical facilities, facility type, or critical location, you can specify the inclusion of these variables into the computation of the refined value.

The Refined ForeSite Value can be easily integrated into your existing processes. The Refined ForeSite Value becomes a more meaningful reference when you provide more custom data. The only limit to what ForeSite can calculate is the amount of custom data you provide.

If you have questions or comments on ForeSite, please contact [email protected] or (800) 524-7603.