By law, companies that own or operate underground utility lines must join one of the two one call centers in the state of New York (New York 811 and Dig Safely New York).

New York 811 offers two membership options: participating members (e.g. utility companies, municipalities and others whose mission is to help protect New York City and Long Island’s underground infrastructure) and sustaining members (those companies that do not own or operate underground utilities but are still interested in damage prevention).

Members meet annually to discuss relevant issues and concerns, outreach initiatives, damage prevention, safe digging and other matters. Many are also involved in our Damage Prevention Committee and/or Subcommittee.

Member Options

To meet the differing needs of our members, New York 811 offers the following options:

Participating members

Utility companies (e.g. water, sewer, telecommunications and natural gas), municipalities and others with a stake in protecting New York City and Long Island’s underground infrastructure.

Sustaining members

Those who do not own underground facilities but have an interest in damage prevention.

Member dues, responsibilities and voting power depend on the membership option you choose. Click here to request more information about membership. Or call 1-800-524-7603, or email us at: [email protected].