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By law, excavators and contractors working in New York City and Nassau & Suffolk Counties on Long Island must contact New York 811 at least 2 full business days, not including the day of contact, prior to digging by calling or clicking 811.

Locate requests

ITIC Users Enter your ticket, 24/7

ITIC, state-of-the-art, web-based ticket-entry and service area mapping system means locate requests can be submitted and checked 24/7.

Click here or visit:

With ITIC, excavators can enter a locate request online, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Users are given a login user name and password to access the system, and both groups—excavators/contractors and the affected facilities—receive ticket numbers and copies instantly.

*Notice: DO NOT Email New York 811 for markout requests. This does NOT get your excavation area marked.
You must call 811 or click here for ITIC online submission to have a notice of excavation and a ticket issued.

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Call 811 Award Winning Video In Cannes
Congratulations Robert Terjesen and the National Grid Team on winning this prestigious award at the Cannes Film Festival! 

Watch the video and learn, when it comes to 811 and safe digging, there’s no kidding around.

CGA Best Practices Guide

CGA Best Practices Guide: For a quick searchable guide, the CGA Best Practices Manual is the original, and still most popular, industry resource for ensuring the safety of those who work near underground facilities.


For a digital CGA Guide, click here.

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