What is the VR-X SIM?

The VR-X-SIM is a Virtual Reality Excavation Simulator outfitted in a 34 ft. mobile vehicle. The VR-X-SIM allows for root cause analysis of excavation damages uncovered in a safe to fail environment.

This state of the art simulator will take participants through the entire process of an excavation.

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The total immersive experience allows the excavator to feel as though they are operating a real backhoe.

Various scenarios highlight challenges that excavators face everyday:

  • Data collected demonstrates a clear pattern of damage; we can then use this quantifiable data set to make industry best practice recommendations and recognize new opportunities in preventing damage. 
  • This valuable information can not only be used on the local level, but on the national level as well.
  • We can get in front of damage rather than assessing after the damage has occured.

Why Is it Important to Me?

Presently we measure and analyze damages reactively. This highly insightful training will allow us to get in front of the damage proactively.

Above all, we hope the New York 811 VR-X-SIM leads to a profound and necessary shift in the mindset of damage prevention, from a retrospective view centered on blame and liability, to a prospective view focussed on optimization, prevention, and education.

Developed from Aviation Technology

We can see in the future of a requirement for excavating companies and operators to be mandated to take simulation training as a prerequisite much like the FAA requires pilots to amass flight simulation time.


  • Using the airline industry as a model, we crafted the VR experience to collect data to learn how behavioral and procedural can lead to real root cause damages
  • Data collection used to understand behaviors that lead to gaps in proper excavation procedures