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A real-time, Web-based ticket-entry system

ITIC is for excavators, contractors and New York 811 members. Through this easy-to-use system, users can input, manage and update their tickets, all from the convenience of their personal computer.

To use ITIC, you must:
  • Be a professional excavator/contractor or member of New York 811 (homeowners may NOT use ITIC)
  • Be familiar with the New York 811 process and Code Rule 753
  • Have Internet access
  • Participate in a training session
  • With ITIC, excavators can enter their requests online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Users are given a login user name and password to access the system, and both groups—excavators/contractors and the affected utilities—receive ticket numbers and copies instantly.

Like our notification center, ITIC accepts requests no more than 10 working days in advance and no later than two working days before the proposed excavation. Users must supply the same information with ITIC as they do when phoning in their request.

Benefits of ITIC:
  • Describe locates in your own words
  • Instantly receive electronic, printable copies of your tickets and a list of utilities notified
  • View the latest New York 811 street maps (the same maps used by operators at our notification center)
  • Update, edit and manage your tickets online
  • Access live support 24 hours a day, seven days a week
To login or register the button below

To sign up for ITIC or learn more email us at [email protected].

New York 811

Non-Compliance Reporting Form

If you witness an alleged Code 753 violation, please fill in as much information as possible and submit to New York 811. Upon submission, New York 811 will forward your allegation to the NYS PSC. Additionally, New York 811 will forward this Non-Compliance Form to the Company committing the alleged infraction (less your contact information).

Tolerance Diagram